There are various funding options available, and what you’re entitled to will depend on the income and capital that you may have, the type and level of care you need, as well as where you live in the UK.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be responsible for paying some or all of your care home costs. It is also possible that the NHS or your local authority will cover some or all of the fees.

Your needs, and any funding assistance you’re entitled to, will be decided by free care needs and financial assessments. These are available from your local authority (contact your local social services department).

Having a professional qualification in Health and Social Care and many years of experience working with the elderly, I manage Carberry House and my staff team to ensure the care home provides a secure family environment where you can feel relaxed and confident in the knowledge that your relative is being cared for by dedicated staff, enhancing their quality of life. Rochelle Scott, Our Manager

Payment Information

Privately funded residents

Fees are £950 per week for a single room.

Privately funded residents are entitled to a Personal Care Allowance of £193.50 per week.

In the event of a client's private financial situation changing, the care home owners will meet with the client and their representative to discuss possible changeover to state funding. This is likely to happen if savings fall below £26,250. Under no circumstances will the client be asked to leave the home.

Council's approved rate and contract price

As from 1st April 2021 the Council's approved rate and contract price is £656.29 per week for a single room.

You may be eligible for Attendance Allowance or Disabled Living Allowance. If you’re paying for your own care, you’re likely to be eligible. If you’re receiving funding from the local authority towards your care home costs, this might not be paid as it is effectively included in that funding. You might also qualify for Pension Credit. Contact your local social services department for further information on how to claim.

We are happy to assist or discuss this further. Please call our office on 0131 665 2882 for more advice.

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